"Party" Greeting Bag

“Party” Greeting Bag

Contains: black truffle sauce 45 g; buttery with white truffle 45 g; ground truffle 45 g

How to use: this bag has been designed to create an appetizer, first and second with truffles.

Black truffle sauce: perfect for preparing from a simple spaghetti to passatelli or gnocchi with truffle scent. Excellent as a sauce to accompany a fillet of beef. We suggest trying it in pizza dough, handmade pasta or wraps.

Butter with white truffle: It is an excellent base for preparing any truffle dish. Perfect substitute for the classic cooking butter to season pasta dishes such as tagliatelle, ravioli, cheese and vegetable cappellacci. Ideal for flavoring roast meats.

Minced truffle: ground summer truffle can be used to prepare a cheese and truffle fondue, to be served hot. Elongated with milk or cream, it is excellent for preparing sauces to accompany beef fillets. Perfect to enrich a simple omelette. Delicious as a sauce for first courses or as a sauce for hamburgers or fillets of meat and fish.