NR.10 – The single


The single

This box has been designed to prepare a single lunch or dinner with truffles. The products in this box have been designed to create a complete menu, simple and quick to prepare.


1 whole black 25 g

1 black truffle sauce 45 g

1 minced summer truffle 45 g

Recommended for: 1 person

How to use: the whole black is perfect for tartare, meat or fish carpaccio; ideal for garnishing main courses or on grilled or steamed vegetables. Excellent grated and used to season simple white rice, with just the addition of a drizzle of oil. The black truffle sauce is the best-selling product in the world. You can spread it (a teaspoon per slice of bread) on toasted bread, or prepare the famous truffle cream, excellent for making croutons or as a sauce for pasta dishes (tagliatelle, gnocchi, ravioli) or in combination with meat or meat main courses. fish. Summer mince is ideal for creating tasty first and second courses. It can be used as it is (one spoon per person is enough) to season pasta or as an accompanying sauce on top of a fillet or cut of meat.

Nutritional values: see individual articles

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