NR.13 – The hipster


The hipsters

This box has been designed to prepare a lunch or dinner with friends. The products in this box have been designed to create a complete menu, simple and quick to prepare, conceived and inspired by the hipster philosophy. Rare and sought-after ingredients, organic and 0 km products have been selected.


1 truffle pearls 25 g

1 organic truffle sauce 90 g

1 organic white 50 ml

1 whole black 25 g

Recommended for: 2/4 people

How to use: The truffle pearls are a revolutionary product. Developed with a famous gym in Bologna for the creation of cocktails with truffles. Also ideal for garnishing appetizers such as tartare or carpaccio or second courses of meat or fish. Give a refined, creative and tasty touch to each of your recipes. The organic truffle sauce is the classic truffle sauce in an organic version. You can spread it (a teaspoon per slice of bread) on toasted bread, or prepare the famous truffle cream, excellent for preparing croutons or as a sauce to season first courses (tagliatelle, gnocchi, ravioli) or in combination with meat or second courses. fish or meat or vegan burger. Organic White is a revolution in the world of truffles. Only organic extra virgin olive oil with truffle scent, without chemical aromas; to savor the taste of an extraordinary oil and the light scent and taste of truffles. Ideal to replace the classic oil, from appetizers to first and second courses. The whole black is perfect for tartare, meat or fish carpaccio; ideal for garnishing main courses or on grilled or steamed vegetables. Excellent grated and used to season simple white rice, with just the addition of a drizzle of oil.

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