NR.14 – Valentine’s day box


Valentine’s day Box

This box was designed for Valentine’s Day. The content of the box allows you to create a complete menu based on truffles.


fresh winter black truffle (tuber melanosporum Vitt.) 50 g

1 truffle sauce 90 g

1 white truffle butter 45 g

1 acacia honey with truffle 50 g

1 truffle & honey candies 32 g


Recommended for: 2 people

How to use:

The black truffle sauce can be used to prepare croutons or an omelette with truffles to be served as an appetizer; also perfect in combination with a fillet of meat or a cut of meat and fish as a main course. The buttery truffle is ideal for seasoning first courses, in particular: gnocchi, ravioli, tagliatelle, tagliolini. The truffle delight goes well with aged cheeses, for a delicious aperitif or appetizer; or it is perfect with ricotta and pears to create an unusual dessert.

The fresh black truffle is perfect on any dish, it can be sliced ​​on top of the finished dish or heated to enhance the aromas and flavors.

Nutritional values: see individual articles

Deadline: see individual articles

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