Deluxe Christmas Box


“DELUXE” Christmas Box

Contains: 1 truffle cheese 400 g approx; 1 salami with truffle approx. 350 g; 1 mortadella with truffle approx. 500 g; 1 black truffle sauce 90 g; 1 buttery with white truffle 90 g; 1 black in slices 90 g; 1 brogues (cotton shopper with truffle holder)

How to use: this box has been designed to create an appetizer, a first and a second with truffles.

Black truffle sauce: in this box it has been inserted to create excellent truffle bruschetta or a truffle-scented omelette. Perfect for preparing from a simple spaghetti to passatelli or gnocchi with truffle scent. Excellent as a sauce to accompany a fillet of beef. We suggest trying it in pizza dough, handmade pasta or wraps.

Truffle cheese: serve on a cutting board, accompanied with artisan cured meats, finocchiona or pecorino di fossa. Alternatively, it can be eaten grilled and served with grilled vegetables; or, cut into flakes on first courses such as tagliatelle, polenta or gnocchi.

Salami and mortadella with truffle: cut into slices, it is excellent for preparing a delicious appetizer to be combined with aged cheese and grilled vegetables. Alternatively, it can be used to prepare delicious sandwiches or on top of pizza.

Butter with white truffle: it is an excellent base for preparing any truffle dish. Perfect substitute for the classic cooking butter to season pasta dishes such as tagliatelle, ravioli, cheese and vegetable cappellacci. Ideal for flavoring roast meats.

Black in slices: we recommend using it with handmade pasta, to garnish elegant main courses such as a cut of Chianina meat or with swordfish and tuna carpaccio. The slices can be used to enrich white pizzas made with mozzarella and porcini mushrooms, or to make a classic margherita delicious.

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