Terms and conditions

1 – Introduction:
All commercial relations between ITALIATARTUFI SRL. and the Customers are governed exclusively by the following general conditions of sale, excluding any other agreement, unless agreed in writing, including the placing of an online order, implies full acceptance of the following conditions.
Any person acting in the name of the customer will represent and bind him towards ITALIATARTUFI SRL, since the customer is directly responsible for the confidentiality and use of his personal password.

2 – Liability:
ITALIATARTUFI SRL. declines all responsibility for damages or losses, direct or indirect, deriving from the goods – of which it is a mere distributor – or from the use of the same and from the provision of services – of which it is a mere intermediary – as proposed in the catalog published on our site, also for delayed or non-delivery of the product, nor for the correspondence of the goods to the specifications published on the website.

3 – Orders:
E-commerce orders can only be placed via the Internet (online).
The customer who sends the order via the Internet will receive, at the end of the procedure, a communication confirming that the order proposal has been entered in our information system. The confirmation of the acceptance of the order or the refusal of the same (for accounting, administrative or product shortages) comes at a later time by e-mail (E-mail).
At the conclusion of the contract, the order will be stored on our server.
When filling in the First Order, there are mandatory fields to be filled in; upon returning to our Site (as a Registered User) it will be sufficient to enter the UserID and Password to view your data and possibly modify them. The responsibility for the management of UserID and Password lies exclusively with the Customer who undertakes to immediately notify our Company of any unauthorized use as well as any other breach of the security rules of which he becomes aware. Failing this, the responsibility is always and only of the Customer.
Furthermore, the user undertakes at the end of each session to log out of his account with the appropriate command entered on our Site. Our site is subjected to detailed access control and through the log of the same we will be able to demonstrate any behavioral differences of the Customer and contest them.

4 – Prices:
All prices entered on the site are intended as suggested list prices for the end user – VAT included (B2C and B2B). List prices and discounts can be changed at any time, without prior notice, except for orders already accepted.

5 – Product Availability:
ITALIATARTUFI SRL. does not guarantee the certainty of assignment of the ordered goods, until the order itself is accepted and the acceptance communicated to the customer.

6 – Shipping and Delivery:
Shipments, unless otherwise agreed, will be made by carriers defined by ITALIATARTUFI SRL. In this case, and only when the shipping cost is charged, the goods travel at the risk of ITALIATARTUFI SRL In case of theft / loss confirmed by the carrier, ITALIATARTUFI SRL undertakes to send a new product and, if the same should be unavailable and / or out of stock, will propose a different product, but with equivalent characteristics, with the right for the customer not to accept this new product and request the issuance of a credit note relating to the product itself.

Transport costs are charged to the customer.

Delivery to the Customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, will take place on the street level and at the times established by the courier. We do not ship on Fridays.

Deliveries that make exceptional and ancillary services indispensable (eg deliveries to floors, both upper and lower, hydraulic tailgate for grounding bulky packages, etc.) must be strictly agreed upon when placing the order. Therefore, no objection will be accepted subsequently.

7 – Risk and Property:
The goods are shipped carriage paid, insured with a charge on the invoice.
In the event that the goods were shipped carriage forward, upon the customer’s indication, the risk is to be considered borne by the customer from delivery of the goods to the carrier at our warehouses.

8 – Payments:
Terms of payment
Pay Pal, Credit Card (via PayPal Service), Advance Bank Transfer, Payment on delivery.
The products ordered by the Customer will be kept busy until proof of the transfer has been received, to be sent to ITALIATARTUFI SRL (via e-mail) no later than 3 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. The dispatch of the order will take place only when the amount due is actually credited to the current account of ITALIATARTUFI SRL which must take place within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. Beyond these deadlines, the order will be considered automatically canceled.
The purpose of the bank transfer must include:
– the order reference number;
– name and surname of the order holder.
For each order placed ITALIATARTUFI SRL issues an invoice or receipt for the material shipped, sending it by e-mail to the order holder. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the Customer at the time of the order is valid. No change in the invoice will be possible after it has been issued.
Payments can be made in the forms provided for in the program. If payments are made by credit card, the transaction will be automatically moved, for security reasons, to the website of the credit institution.
The bank details for the transfers will be communicated by e-mail and the shipment of the goods will be made only when we are in possession of the payment.

9 – Right of Withdrawal:
The right of withdrawal is regulated by law if the customer-consumer (i.e. a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does not make the purchase by indicating a VAT number in the order form ) has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason. To exercise this right, the customer must send our company a communication within 5 working days from the date of delivery of the goods. This communication must be sent by registered letter with return receipt addressed to: ITALIATARTUFI SRL VIA E. FERMI 1, 61043 CAGLI
Note: Customers who purchase with a VAT number cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.
Withdrawal procedure
The right of withdrawal is however subject to the following conditions:
– The purchased good must be intact and returned in the original packaging, complete in all its parts
– The shipment, until the certificate of receipt in our warehouse is received, is under the complete responsibility of the customer;
– Our company is not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments.
When the right of withdrawal expires
The right of withdrawal is totally lost, for lack of the essential condition of integrity of the asset (packaging and / or its contents), in cases where ITALIATARTUFI SRL ascertains:
– Even partial use of the goods and any consumables
– The lack of the external packaging and / or the original internal packaging;
– Damage to the product for reasons other than its transport
– In the cases indicated above, our company will return the purchased good to the sender, charging the shipping costs to the sender
– Customers who purchase with a VAT number cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.

10 – Right of withdrawal fresh products
Pursuant to art. 5 DL 185/1999, the customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty within 5 days of receipt of the goods.
By marketing products with a high risk of perishability, ITALIATARTUFI SRL also accepts the following conditions:

The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase of fresh goods at risk of perishability in the event that at the time of opening the package the product is altered or does not have the characteristics specified at the time of purchase.

The right of withdrawal for products at risk of deterioration may be exercised by sending, within 24 hours of receipt of the goods, a written communication via our email service to info@italiatartufi.com. The communication must indicate the description of the products to be returned. In addition, in order to allow any crediting of the value of the returned goods, the bank details relating to your current account must be indicated

ITALIATARTUFI SRL will take care of collecting the goods as soon as the communication is received from the customer and in any case no later than 24 hours in order not to cause further deterioration of the goods.

ITALIATARTUFI SRL reserves the right to evaluate the actual deterioration of the fresh product upon return. If the alteration of the product is not found, this will be communicated to the customer and the price paid will not be refunded. The right of withdrawal is however subject to the following conditions:
the shipping costs for the return of the goods are borne by ITALIATARTUFI SRL

11 – Goods Returns
The return of goods to ITALIATARTUFI SRL, in the cases provided for by art. 9 and 12, must be accompanied by the compilation by the CUSTOMER of a specific request to ITALIATARTUFI SRL which will inform the customer about the return procedures.

Method of return:

– The goods must be returned to ITALIATARTUFI SRL in the manner indicated by us within 7 (seven) days to the address of our headquarters.

– The cost of transport will be at our expense. load with ns. courier in the event that the error is attributable to ITALIATARTUFI SRL, in all other cases it will be charged to the Customer.
– The material returned carriage forward will be rejected.

12 – Complaints:
Any shipping errors or material shortages must be reported, in writing, according to the methods and terms indicated in point 11.

13 – Guarantees:
The purchase of products from ITALIATARTUFI SRL implies full acceptance of the warranty conditions provided by the manufacturer, which may be independent of the will of ITALIATARTUFI SRL
The customer, therefore, is aware that the purchased goods will be guaranteed by the manufacturer and under the conditions provided for by the same, and therefore accepts, with all reservations removed, all the methods of providing the manufacturer’s warranty.

14 – Processing of Personal Data:
Pursuant to Law no. 196/03, the customer acknowledges that the “personal data” communicated and / or exchanged, even in the pre-contractual information phase, will be processed pursuant to, for the effects and for the purposes referred to in art. 12, paragraph 1, letters b), c), d) and f) of Law no. 196/03 and subsequent amendments and additions.
It is also understood that the customer expressly consents to the transfer of “personal data” pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 28 paragraph 4 letter a) of Law no. 196/03 and, in any case, to their communication and dissemination pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 20 paragraph 1 letter a) of the aforementioned law.

15 – Disputes:
For any dispute that may arise, the Court of Urbino will be competent.

16 – Conditions:
The conditions contained in this document may be modified without prior notice and will be valid from the date of publication on our website, without prejudice to orders already accepted.